In this page are reported the projects in which I have partecipated over the years.

Internet of Energy for Electric Mobility


[ARTEMIS project, 2012-2015] The Internet of Energy for Electric Mobility project aims at the definition and deployment of novel services for the electric mobility scenario. Based on standardized information, sensor exchange information to provide data to the end users, like the occupation of charging station, which enables the development of mobile applications and web services useful for the daily driving routine. The project consists of industry companies and universities coming from10 different EU countries.

Stem devices for wireless auto-organizing networks


[PRIN project, 2012-2014] The STEM-Net project, Stem devices for wireless auto-organizing networks, is a PRIN project aiming at developing novel algorithms for auto-organizing networks, also using drones and mobile robots, particularly for the disaster scenario. The reconfiguration of the devices happens at different levels of the protocol stack. The project has been developed by three universities, University of Bologna, University Mediterranea Reggio Calabria, University of Calabria.



[ARTEMIS project, 2013-2016] The Arrowhead project aims at increasing the interoperability of services, mainly for 5 different use-cases: production processes, smart buildings and infrastructures, electro-mobility and virtual market of energy. The idea lies in the different data that are produced by different services and platforms, which thanks to a common interface and an interoperable protocol are able to be seamlessly integrated between each other.

Private projects

Apart from the above projects, a number of private projects have been carried out, with partners such as Telecom Italia SpA.